Our Goal:
Create a crypto asset offering a regular financial return while reducing volatility of our token (once linked to a cryptofund). A Token that in addition pay you a dividend is the better choice to invest in the Blockchain market, reduce loss risk and increase value through it’s appreciation (only 20% of quarterly fund appreciation is distributed to investors).The other 80% of appreciation will be held for compounding growth.We believe hereby the value of Bether trading on exchanges will increase exponentially.The value of Bether on exchanges must reflect at least the NAV per token of the fund.(Theoretically)
Privacy: Investing in total privacy, No KYC (know your customers), BETHER never ask any personal information about investors.

Bether only accepts the blockchain ethereum network currency (ETH) as a way to purchase our token (BHR)


The BETHER (BHR) (our token) concept includes: [Currency + Fund] = (A + B).

A - BETHER (BHR) Token representing the sentiment positive or negative of investors relatively to the future of BETHER project, the team new products, market speculation, community, economic news, crypto news, etc.

B - Your entitlement to our crypto fund financial returns (below further explained).

After the "ICO" (INITIAL COIN OFFERING)*, we will create the BETHER FUND. The Capital (Digital Money in ETH) from the Pré-ICO & ICO* is to create our crypto fund. (Check out our Budget).
Our Fund gives you a greater security on the BHR Token market price, once is composed of diverse crypto currency winners, and increases also your possibility of appreciation on the capital invested.

Every Quarter on the first week (between day 01 and day 08), BETHER will pay a dividend to the BETHER (BHR) holders, referring to the appreciation of the fund from the previous quarter.

Please Note that, for dividends payment purposes it will only be considered the holders of Bether (BHR) that are reflected in a wallet. 

Bether holders on

Bether holders on Ethplorer:

Bether Holders on Bloxy:



Investors need to create a compatible Ethereum wallet first (example: Myetherwallet, Metamask, Mycrypto, or a mobile wallet, example Eidoo or Trust), see how in our White paper or on youtube (exist a lot of explanations about that on internet, blogs, etc). Refund your wallet with ethereuns.Send the amount of ethereuns you want to buy of Bether to the following address: (see address bellow)

The smart contract will send to your wallet automatically the number of Bether following the formula 1 ETH= 100,000 BHR (one hundred thousand of BHR)

Bether uses a smart contract for investors protection to buy our token/coin on our public sale Pré-ICO and ICO.
A smart contract defines the rules around the agreement and will execute the agreement once all contract conditions are met.
For example, it can ensure that an investor will receive the expected number of tokens when they pay for them.
Our smart contract is open source and with verified code date 6/28/2018 on ethereum network explorer


Crypto Fund Management:

The main benefit of investing in a currency linked to a fund is trusting the investment management decisions. The fund manager's duties include studying the financial goals, creating an investment plan, and executing the investment strategy.
The Fund Management will chose the best tokens for the fund. A Selective and careful choice will determine the positive success of the fund, and indirectly the appreciation of the BETHER (BHR) price on the crypto markets or crypto exchanges.

Please pay attention, crypto currencies are highly volatile and worthless products, never invest in something you do not know or are not sure how it works. Our duty is to alert investors especially when they do not understand the crypto currency market.Never invest before consulting your broker or financial adviser.This is not a recomendation to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.