Dear Investors.

The Bether project began in the year of 2017 with the aim of creating a cryptocurrency marketable in the crypto market that is somehow stable but also with profitability and that would guarantee monetary security to all its buyers/investors.
In July 2018 the CMVM (securities markets commission, regulator in Portugal) issued a statement in which the next ICOs would be under its supervision, as well as the classification of tokens for sale in Portuguese territory.
The BETHER team decided to present the project freely and personally in order to obtain their legal opinion of our Token.
After analyzing our White Paper and after several meetings with the financial and legal office of the CMVM, this institution has decided to classify the BETHER token as a security, in compliance with the European standards in force in the Union, which are the same for all other financial products in the squares of Portugal.
The rules in question present some obligations impossible to be fulfilled by us, namely the deposit of funds in a third financial entity (BANK) in Portugal, and this is because the BETHER Token is registered in the Ethereum network and can only be purchased with the digital currency from the ethereum network (the ETHER).
The Ethereum network is a decentralized network limited to its portfolio and deposit software.
While there is no specific law for cryptocurrencies in Portugal, the Team and all its members have decided freely to suspend our ICO for its protection and for the protection of our investors.
The future of the BETHER project will be subsequently analyzed by the TEAM members, either in reference to its idea, its subsequent sale and / or future partnership with another company or entity in a country other than Portugal.
In this way we regret to inform that we will suspend our ICO that would start on June 01, 2019.
The tokens for sale 800,000,000 were withdrawn from the smart contract by us, and placed in a reserve account for protection of investors.
We ask all investors to not send ETH´S to our smart contract as they will not receive their tokens.
We believe that in the near future our ICO (Inittial Public Offering) or public sale of BETHER will be a reality and we will see by this way a stable currency with positive valuation in World Exchanges, this contributing to the creation of a New World Currency.
Thanks to all the investors who anonymously supported and gave their support and believed in BETHER, as well as to all the companies and sites that listed us and gave Rating to the project.
Lastly, we thank the CMVM for all the support and the collaboration and attention they have had in the analysis of this project.

The Team